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I'll give it to you straight...

There are a lot of snobby logo designers out there who charge $500, $1000, and more for logo design.

It's not their prices that are the problem; it's their attitude. Many of them hold this absurd idea that all logo designers should charge a high amount and more importantly, that all clients should pay a high amount, or it degrades the industry.

There's just one glaring flaw in that mindset: not all client needs are created equally! Not everyone needs or even wants a logo that's deeply researched to make people consume more or feel hungry, and they're not going to pay high prices, period.

If a big fancy corporation needs a big fancy logo, they'll find a big fancy marketing firm. That's great, but those are neither my clients or competition.

Some people just need a simple logo.

NeedMyLogo caters to small businesses, mom and pop shops, artists, bloggers, garage bands, school sports teams, and that guy down the street that builds birdhouses.

— Thank You, Bryan Hadaway
(your one-on-one logo designer)

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